Downtown Master Plan

Chaska, MN

American Planning Association, Minnesota Chapter

HKGi led the City’s effort to create a Downtown Master Plan for Chaska’s downtown, which still retains much of its character as a past center for brickmaking and ironwork. The plan has preserved and strengthened downtown as the center of the community and has resulted in several successful implementation initiatives.

A highly successful public/private redevelopment at Fireman's Park, one of the high priority redevelopment sites identified in the Plan, has brought new vitality to downtown, created several employment opportunities, and generated new revenue for the City. An outstanding streetscape reconstruction project, downtown signage ordinance (both designed by HKGi) and a signage assistance program has strengthened the historic character of downtown and created a unique environment for new retail and entertainment businesses. New housing has been created downtown at one of the priority redevelopment sites identified in the Plan, and planning is currently underway to attract development to a third redevelopment site.

As implementation efforts continue, including the future opening of HKGi-designed Veteran's Memorial Park and continued investment in streetscape upgrades, downtown Chaska will be transformed into one of the metropolitan region's most unique, pedestrian-friendly downtowns. Public investments by the City have attracted, and will continue to attract, private investment, leading to the evoluntion of a downtown in which people will live, work, play, and gather.