Mound, MN

The realignment and improvement of County Road 15 through the City of Mound is an important facet of the downtown revitalization master plan known as Mound Visions. County Road 15 not only provides an entry into downtown Mound, but cuts right through the heart of downtown, acting as a type of Main Street. Because of its prominence, the character of the street must contribute to the qualities that Mound Visions establishes for the downtown area while still maintaining its functionality as a thoroughfare. To that end, the improvements to County Road 15 transform the street into a pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined boulevard featuring themed lighting, special paving at key intersections, special garden areas around the storm water ponds at the Auditor's Road intersection and attractive bus shelters, benches and trash receptacles.

The intersections at County Road 110 and at Auditor's Road are especially important because of their strategic locations. Both provide access to the unique activity area envisioned in the revitalization plan, an area that includes a future commercial, retail and entertainment row along Auditor's Road, as well as the boardwalk, boat launch and community plaza found on the Lost Lake Canal and Greenway.